UU Rhein-Main is a group of American expats and German locals who gather twice a month for fellowship. We hold our events in English.

UURM is part of EUU and participates in EUU retreats. We help organize them, and the majority of our members attend most of them.


Church of Christ the King
Sebastian-Rinz-straße 19
60323, Frankfurt am Main

2:00 p.m. every 1st Sunday of the month

NOTE: The March service will start at 3:00 p.m.

Discussion Group 
Schröers Café & Bistro
Mainzerstraße 79
65189, Wiesbaden

2:00 p.m. every 3rd Sunday of the month

NOTE: There will be no discussion group in February.


UU Rhein-Main Website: www.uurm.org

EUU website: www.europeanuu.org

Email address: uurm.fellowship@gmail.com