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President’s Letter — Spring 2023

EUU President Karen Kyker

Happy Spring Everyone!  I hope that you are experiencing at least a bit of sunshine for at least a few minutes (maybe hours?) a day recently. I hope that ripe tree buds and bright green baby leaves are cheering you along.

As I … read more.

EUU Coordinating Council Meeting 1 March 2023

The EUU Coordinating Council held its first meeting of the year on March 1. There were 15 of us present.

The first and main item for discussion came out of our financial situation, which can be described as an embarrassment of riches. Jutta (Treasurer) reported that … read more.

Upcoming Zoom Meetings and Activities

(Updated Sep 19)

In response to the pandemic, many EUU and fellowship activities moved online. You can still participate in some events via Zoom. This can be a good opportunity to ‘travel’ to another fellowship for a service.

Here is a round-up of upcoming services and other meetings. … read more.

President’s Letter

EUU President Karen Kyker

In this time of cold days and nights, ongoing war and suffering for so many people, and uncertainty about futures, I found hope today thanks to the Reflections offered by Clare, a young and new participant at the Paris fellowship. Although she … read more.

EUU Coordinating Council Meeting 30 October 2022

The EUU Coordinating Council met on 30 October 2022 in Mittelwihr, France, with Karen Kyker presiding. It was a hybrid meeting with members in person and online.

The Fall retreat, which had just ended, was discussed briefly. The next retreat will be in the Spring of … read more.