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The International UU Experience

contributed by Sigrid Van Eepoel, a Christian UU from Belgium, member of the Brussels UU Fellowship since 2005

When I first joined an ICUU conference in the Netherlands about a decade ago, I had fairly recently discovered UU and had been attending the Brussels Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s … read more.

EUU Winter Solstice Celebration December 15

Carolyn and Ray Burlingame-Goff
invite us once again to the traditional

EUU Winter Solstice Celebration

on December 15 in Heidelberg.

For details about the event,
and to register to attend,
click here

Registration deadline is December 7. 

Questions? … read more.

Proposed EUU By-Laws Changes

Changes to be presented at Extraordinary General Meeting at Cologne Retreat

One of our favorite EUU traditions is the moment at the Annual General Meeting when the Treasurer’s Report is projected onto the screen, and we all scratch our heads for five minutes before accepting a … read more.