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Unitarian and UU news from around the world. Including news about IWC (the International Women’s Convocation).

Opinion: About Safe Communities

by John Eichrodt, EUU member


In the Spring of 2024, we will have a workshop on Safety Policy* for our EUU Communities. This follows the EUU Town Hall Meeting on the subject in October 2023, and the presentation of the Draft Statement* on Safety at the … read more.

Nature: Civilized, cultured, wild, and sacred

by Sarah Vinz, member of IUCP International Unitarian Church of Prague (an EUU member fellowship)

10 February 2024, the Wider Fellowship of Czech Religious Society of Unitarians held a half-day conference on the theme “Nature: Civilized, cultured, wild, and sacred.”

The event was organized to help … read more.

Let’s Save the Seven Principles

Opinion, by John Eichrodt, EUU member

Preliminary remarks

For the last several years, there has been considerable concern in UU communities in the U.S. about losing our Seven Principles and thus the core of our UU faith that is expressed in them. This article intends to give … read more.

EUU Represented at UUA GA in June 2023

Last summer, from June 21-24, past EUU president Tina Huesing and past EUU vice-president Logan Deimler represented EUU at the UUA General Assembly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are very happy that they were able and willing to do so, and to use their considerable thoughtfulness and attention to … read more.

CSW67: Empowering Women and Girls in the Digital Age

by Beth O’Connell, EUU and UUFP member, and vice-president of IWC

The annual meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women will take place March 6-17, and as always the International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women (IWC) will be there in person and online. … read more.