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Regular messages from the EUU officers – what’s happening in EUU and personal reflections.

Retreat. Revive. Reconnect. Re……

Retreat. Revive. Reconnect. Religion. Remember. Rejoice! Regret. Relieve. Relive. Respond. Retire. Rewire. Respire. Rebegin. Revisit. Review. Relight. Regroup. Repeat. Relief. Restart. Return. …Prague. Europe. Earth. Here. Now. …Reflect. Renew. Retreat. We are one week away from the opening of our Spring 2022 EUU Retreat – and I look forward to seeing you ‘there’! You’ll be … Continue reading Retreat. Revive. Reconnect. Re……

Getting Down to UU Basics

“So, what is ‘UU’?” That’s the question that people responded to in ‘elevator speeches’ last Saturday, as the final activity after spending about 4 hours together, listening, sharing, and querying. In our recent UU Basics workshop (online), we explored definitions, history, organizational structures, social action, and personal religious & spiritual journeys. It felt like a … Continue reading Getting Down to UU Basics

Greetings from Our New President

EUU has existed for almost 42 years, and this month, I’ve stepped into the role of president, as the 26th in an inspiring and guiding lineage of volunteers, following Tony Zamparutti (thanks for your recent leadership, Tony!). Thankfully, I am surrounded by a family of EUU ‘relatives’ who are creating the vitality and continuity of … Continue reading Greetings from Our New President

It’s People Who Keep EUU Going

As I look back on my last year as president, I would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone who kept EUU running in 2021. My predecessor, Carolyn Burlingame-Goff, started the wonderful tradition of yearly volunteer awards. At the November Annual General Meeting, we awarded several volunteers for their amazing contributions in the past year and before, … Continue reading It’s People Who Keep EUU Going

What Happened at the 2021 EUU Annual General Meeting Nov 21

By Karen Kyker, Dec. 15, 2021 On Sunday, November 21, 38 people gathered online for the annual general meeting (“AGM”) of the EUU. At the meeting, we elected officers for 2022, discussed the Treasurer’s Report, made minor amendments to our EUU bylaws, thanked some of our volunteers with Appreciation Awards, discussed a proposal of how … Continue reading What Happened at the 2021 EUU Annual General Meeting Nov 21

Uncertainty and Optimism

I, perhaps like many of you, was hoping for a simple story in 2021: everyone is vaccinated and the Covid pandemic ends. The news, however, has been bewildering. Across the Europe Union and Switzerland, about 70% of adults are now vaccinated against Covid, an amazing achievement for a virus first seen just over 18 months … Continue reading Uncertainty and Optimism

The Retreat Discussions about Food Continue – What Do You Think?

This issue brings you articles from last month’s fascinating spring retreat on the ethics of what we eat. As you’ll read, the retreat theme has stimulated lots of thought and discussion. During the retreat, I remembered visits as a child to my father’s village in Italy, where I watched my uncle milk each of his … Continue reading The Retreat Discussions about Food Continue – What Do You Think?