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UUFP and EUU Youth Gathering in Paris

by Steph Couitt

We are happy to report that through our Facebook advertising, we had 48 people interested, and I saw many new “likes” for our UUFP Facebook group. From all of that interest, we had 11 attendees hailing from all over the world: Paris, Spain, … read more.

Insider Tips for Visiting Beautiful Bad Homburg

by Bonnie Friedmann, EUU Secretary and Member at Large

During the seven years I lived in Bad Homburg, I really enjoyed this lovely, quiet town filled with history and calmness in the middle of Hessen, Germany. Because it is a ¨baths town¨ or ¨Kurstadt.¨ (German for … read more.

What are YOU doing? What have you discovered?

In awarding grant money from the EUU budget, the Social Action Committee has decided to prioritize 3 areas: People, Planet, Partnerships. We report on these projects in the Unifier. But we’d also like to know what projects and actions you are supporting with your time, money, … read more.

Unitarian Road Trip

by Bettina Lande, Paris Fellowship

A Unitarian Road Trip, according to my definition, is when one or more Unitarians travel, often, but not necessarily, to Unitarian sites or events, and is quite a rarity these past two years.

After not seeing each other at EUU … read more.