by Karen Kyker

You step into an elevator and an acquaintance asks, “So, what is UU?” What would you say, before the doors open again and you walk away? Here are a few written during our recent UU Basics workshop. How do these ‘speeches’ resonate with you? What would you say during that short elevator ride? Or what would you ‘tweet’?

“UU is a community of diverse people. It is a spiritual practice which embraces many different religions, traditions, faiths and ways of thinking including atheism, agnosticism, and skepticism.”

“UU is a spiritual fellowship of people who see a value in all faiths, worth and value of every human being & practice social justice.”

“Unitarian Universalism is a welcoming faith for people of many different backgrounds, to come together in a community for multidimensional practice of reverence for the infinite spirit of life.”