Variety – Spice of Life?
Vielfalt – Würze des Lebens?

Hot off the press! A Cologne retreat workshop all about EUT 2019
Building Trust: European Unitarians Together (EUT) 2019 Berlin

In this workshop we will take a quick look back at the EUT 2017 in Neu-Ulm, and then preview what’s in store for EUT 2019 in Berlin. We’d like to take this opportunity to better get to know ourselves (the EUU), and our co-hosts, the Unitarier. What was the original idea behind this assembly of likeminded faith traditions? What made EUT 2017 so successful? Where would you like the EUT 2019 to focus? What will we explore at EUT 2021?

This is an invitation to open discourse with fans, skeptics and newcomers. Our hope is that you’ll learn as much about the EUU and its history as you do about the Unitarier and theirs, and that our enthusiasm for the EUT will be palpable. We hope you’ll be part of the effort toward engaging with our neighbors across Europe and beyond, building trust and finding broad common ground.

Led by Terri J Michos, EUT Organizing Committee Co-Chair and Karsten Urban, Unitarier Co-President

What’s been happening so far

Building upon the success of the positive experience of the EUT 2017 in Ulm, the Organizing Committee has been meeting regularly Europe-wide to plan EUT 2019. (If you are wondering what EUT 2019 is, click here!)

Musicians and singers from EUU, the Unitarier and several international groups have already offered their services. We’ve had offers to do workshops; one keynote speaker has been confirmed and several people have volunteered to lead the services.

The website domain of has been reserved. Much programming has been planned, and we are working hard to put together a program brochure which will be available to download from the website when registering.

We’ve already collected many suggestions for tours in Berlin. There’s even been a recommendation in a newspaper that the observation deck of our hotel, the Park Inn, is preferable to the famous TV Tower near our location, not because it’s higher, but because the view is just as good, and the lines are a lot shorter. Everyone participating in the EUT 2019 will be able to enjoy this overlook, whether or not you have a room with a view.

Our planning is invested in Europe; however we’ve already had people from Australia and the U.S. offer workshops, and we’re looking forward to many international guests. All of the main events will be simultaneously translated into English and German, which, while presenting additional costs, proved integral to the success of EUT 2017. Our co-hosts, the Unitarier, are collecting donations from their member groups to reduce the cost of many budget items. As in the past, they are seeking to offset the travel expenses of those international guests in greatest need of subsidization.

European Unitarians Together 2019 would like to make variety come alive as an invigorating and spicy topic for member groups and associated organizations. From little acorns come mighty oaks. If you can offer your time, your talent and or financial support, please send us an email at or message us on Facebook at Be sure to like us on Facebook!

Terri Michos and Swaantje Schlittgen
for the entire EUT Organizing Committee 2019