Variety – Spice of Life?
Vielfalt – Würze des Lebens?

What is the EUT?

The EUT is a gathering of Unitarians, Universalists, Unitarian-Universalists, Free Religious Thinkers, Humanists and kindred groups from throughout Europe. The first ever pan-European EUT was held in Ulm, Germany. 330 participants attended, representing organizations from 17 nations worldwide.

European Unitarians Together
Europäischer Unitariertag

(an assembly of European Unitarians, Universalists, UUs and free religious groups)
is co-hosted by the
European Unitarian Universalists (EUU)
& Unitarier – Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens.

What is its vision?

We are convinced that a gathering of like-minded yet different European Unitarians, Universalists, Unitarian-Universalists, free religious and related groups can bring out the best in all of us, helping to spark contagious inspiration and provide leadership in Europe during tumultuous times.

What is the theme of the retreat?

EUT 2019 is a 4-day retreat and conference centered about the theme:

Vielfalt – Würze des Lebens? Variety – Spice of life?

We intend to explore the many faces of diversity: its challenges, its benefits and its potential for a better Europe.


What can we expect?

You can expect to experience the various ways in which we practice our religious traditions and how this variety both challenges and enriches us all. We are planning:

  • one or more keynote addresses by well-known personalities on a subject of interest to Europeans who seek spiritual, intellectual and moral stimulation,
  • two religious services of the typical Unitarian and Unitarian-Universalist type,
  • religious exploration for the children and youth,
  • a wide array of participant-led workshops on a variety of topics,
  • trips to areas of particular interest in Berlin,
  • plenty of music (including choral), and, of course,
  • social and cultural interaction among participants in a congenial atmosphere that has become traditional for Unitarier in their biennial Unitariertag and EUU in their semi-annual retreats.

Why Berlin? Will the EUT always be in Germany?

We have chosen the city of Berlin for the event, in part because so many people come to Berlin from so many different countries. In addition, Berlin is seen as symbolic of the connection between East and West, both within the city itself, in Europe and on the world stage. Future EUTs can take place anywhere in Europe that would be convenient for participants.


What languages can we expect?

The event will be simultaneously interpreted into at least English and German. Additional languages are possible if a sponsoring group can provide funding and interpreters, as both the technical and interpretation services can be quite expensive.

How much will it cost?

Every effort is being made to make this event as affordable as possible, in keeping with the average prices for past retreats and the first EUT. We are challenged by Berlin being a choice destination for conferences. More information will be forthcoming.

Is the EUT limited to groups from Europe?

No! Our focus will be, of course, the practice of liberal religion in a European context. As our theme suggests, we are enthusiastic about exchanging ideas, learning from one another, and being challenged in open and democratic discourse. It is our variety of belief systems that both unites us and challenges us in a positive sense. Please join us in the comfort and warmth of community.

Can we contribute to the program?

Yes! Please contact the Organizing Committee to discuss to suggest ways in which you would like to participate. We would be happy if you would offer your time, money and/ or talent, no matter how little. It takes a village… We are open to suggestions! It is our hope that some day all affiliated European groups will participate in the EUT.

How do I contact the Organizing Committee?

We have set up two email addresses: Please contact us at or