Variety – Spice of Life?
Vielfalt – Würze des Lebens?
European Unitarians Together
Europäischer Unitariertag

is co-hosted by the
European Unitarian Universalists (EUU)
and Unitarier – Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens (URfG)

Registration Now Open

Note: Registration is via the EUT website
Scroll down the EUT homepage to download the full program brochure in English. 

What is the European Unitarians Together 2019 (EUT 2019)?

The EUT is a gathering of Unitarians, Universalists, Unitarian-Universalists, Free Religious Thinkers, Humanists and kindred groups from throughout Europe.

The first ever pan-European EUT was held in Ulm, Germany, and co-hosted by the European Unitarian Universalists (EUU) and the URFG: Unitarier – Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens (Unitarians – Religious Community of Free Faith). This is a community of 15 Unitarian congregations in Germany. For short, we call them the “Unitarier.” 330 participants, representing organizations from 17 nations worldwide, attended the first EUT, EUT 2017.

The Unitarier have had a long history of retreats, just like EUU, but not as frequent. Since 1959, they have met bi-annually at different places in Germany. (See In 2013, the EUU Board agreed to combine the EUU Spring Retreat (normally in April) with the Unitarier retreat, thus giving us one large retreat open to all UU, Unitarian and Universalist groups in Europe. And beyond.

What is the vision of the EUT?

We are convinced that a gathering of like-minded yet different European Unitarians, Universalists, Unitarian-Universalists, free religious and related groups can bring out the best in all of us, helping to spark contagious inspiration and provide leadership in Europe during tumultuous times.

Variety – Spice of Life? Vielfalt – Würze des Lebens?

Read about our theme here

Two Keynote Speakers

Read about them here

Complete Information about EUT 2019

Download the EUT 2019 brochure with program details from the EUT website

Springtime in Berlin

We chose the city of Berlin, in part because so many people come to Berlin from so many different countries. In addition, Berlin is seen as symbolic of the connection between East and West, both within the city itself, in Europe and on the world stage.

If you’ve never been in Berlin in early June, it’s just one of those experiences you don’t want to miss. The city literally blossoms, the beer gardens are full, and the sun sets at about 22.30.


Tours and Excursions

Tours and excursions will help you explore interesting sites in Berlin. Read more here.

The Park Inn Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz

The Park Inn, centrally located in the heart of Berlin, is the site for EUT 2019. Berlin is an expansive city of ca. 3.5 million people, so we’re lucky to have found a hotel within walking distance of most of Berlin’s main attractions.

The hotel itself has everything we need, along with a terrace overlook that rivals that of the famous Television Tower. We have booked enough rooms that everyone who wants to can stay in the same hotel. Enjoy a preview at

Staying off site? Book early! (Now would be good)

For all off-site housing, you must contact hotels directly or through sites such as, and, and you must pay your bill there directly.  EUT cannot handle hotel bookings or payments (except at the Park Inn). There is, of course, a lower EUT registration fee for for people staying off-site.

If you would prefer to stay somewhere else, please remember to book early. Berlin is at her most desirable in June, and its latest status as a world-class city does not disappoint. There are a number of hotels in the immediate vicinity, including youth hostels.

There are some inexpensive hostels near Alexanderplatz that you might try:

(Be sure to check a source like Trip Advisor to be sure the hostels meet your expectations.)

In any case, book your room early — Berlin is a very popular tourist destination in June.

Please note that Berlin traffic can be notoriously bad, and we highly recommend you use public transportation to get around.

How do I contact the Organizing Committee?

We have set up two email addresses: Please contact us at or