The upcoming EUT is co-hosted by the EUU and the URFG (Unitarier – Religionsgemeinshchaft Freien Glaubens). We hope to join with many musicians and singers from the URFG in addition to several members of the UMS (Unitarian Music Society of Britain). Together we should be prepared to provide lots of music!

I would love to have a large EUU turnout in the choir and instrumental group at the EUT gathering in June. There will be plenty of opportunities to sing and play, including taking part in the choir, early morning informal singing led by Ute Tiede (URFG), participation in the wind ensemble, and a chance to perform on the open stage in An Evening of Music. There will also be our usual Open Stage.

Roland (URFG) and I invite you to join the choir; I invite you to play in a wind group. Contact us at

If you want to play in a band, contact Frank Kubitschek (URFG) at

So, get on your thinking caps, get together with friends for group acts, polish up your party pieces — and the more the merrier!

For my part, I will try to keep choir and instrumental music on the simple-but-effective side, and we will have choir rehearsal times.

What I need to know from you is:

  • are you planning on coming,
  • will you want to sing or play,
  • and what is your instrument?

I need to know, so I can plan.

Please let me know how you can help! I will do my best to pull things together, and I know we will make this a memorable event.

Please reach out to me at

Thanks, Marcie