EUU Fellowship Development Program

Rev. Lara Fuchs

Thanks to a generous Technical Assistance Grant from the UUA Funding Panel, Rev. Lara Fuchs is offering training for leaders of EUU Fellowships. This would comprise a preparatory webinar and a 3-hour workshop. The workshop would be held on the Friday afternoon before the EUU retreat, if people would be available to attend, or at another time and place organized by the EUU.

The specific topics to be covered would be determined by the fellowship’s needs and interests, expressed at the advance webinar, and could include many areas of congregational life including worship, welcoming, leadership, finance, mission, volunteers, social action, etc. The workshop will involve sharing between the fellowships plus specific training and resources.

This is open to up to two people from each fellowship, so the group will be 10-20 people maximum, with fairly equal representation from all fellowships. Each participant is invited to contribute €30 to a shared fund that would be used for a follow-up support session or webinar after the training.

Registration and questions can go directly to Lara.

Registration deadline 15 October 2018.