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Spring 2018




Spring 2018

Dijon, France 13–15 April
Fall 2018
Köln, Germany

2–4 Nov

Spring 2019

Berlin, Germany

7–10 Jun (extra day!)


What happens at an EUU retreat?

Retreats take place over a long weekend when Unitarian Universalists gather at a family-friendly location to stay together and share meals and activities for two action-packed days. Favorite and new retreat locations are found in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany.

The retreat begins with registration on Friday afternoon. After enjoying a nice dinner together, participants get to know each other with an intergenerational ice-breaker.

On Saturday morning, a guest speaker presents a topic, which may include discussions among the participants. Saturday afternoons are set aside for workshops presented by the participants on topics of their own choosing. Recent workshops have varied from religious and social action subjects to nature walks to yoga, dance or Tai Chi to a serious study of Belgian beers.

For the young people, Saturday is devoted to a comprehensive age-appropriate Religious Education (RE) program. On Saturday evening, the youngsters present some of what they've done and learned to all of the participants.

Following the RE presentation, Saturday evening is usually reserved for a talent show, where participants sing, dance, play musical instruments, present skits, and a whole host of other activities (such as presenting a karate demonstration).

A religious service led by a UU minister is held on Sunday morning. Before the final lunch together, the service is followed by a Retreat Closing that winds up the weekend and sets the stage for the next retreat.

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