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Online Retreat Registration

Mittelwihr, France, April 15th to 18th 2016

Registration includes four pages:

  1. On Page One you will fill out information regarding the contact person for your group. Here you can also indicate if you wish to stay for the Sunday night.
  2. On Page Two you will enter information about each person in the group and select room types for each member. Please note that new questions relating to the RE programme have been added to this page so, if you have children attending the Retreat, please answer the questions carefully so that they too have an enjoyable Retreat.
  3. Page Three will report your total cost and allow you to select a payment method.
  4. Page Four gives a summary of all the information you have entered and asks you to validate this information before submitting it.

Regular registration for the Spring 2016 Retreat is now closed. If you didn’t register in time, you can still get on a waiting list by going ahead and filling out the registration form anyway. If someone cancels and a place becomes available, we will contact people on the waiting list in the order in which they signed up. Anyone to whom we offer such a place will have 24 hours from the time the mail reached your inbox to accept it. If we don’t hear from them within that time we will withdraw the offer and go on to the next person on the list. Therefore, if you do register for the waiting list, make sure you check your mail frequently so you don’t miss your chance.


Le Centre de Mittelwihr is a modern facility with very nice fixtures. All rooms are double rooms with private-suite bathrooms. Please go to the Centre International de Sejour for more information concerning the retreat venue.

The nearest train station is Colmar.

Retreat prices and rooms

·       There are two price tables: Friday – Sunday and Friday – Monday.

·       Adult member prices apply to members of EUU and to first-time retreat participants.

·       Most rooms are shared doubles. The number of single and, especially, triple and quad rooms is limited.Rooms will be assigned in order of paid registration (“first come – first served”). So if you want a single or a quad room, make sure you register early!

If you want to share a room with a particular person or persons, then please either (a, preferred) register as a group together with them, or (b) indicate their names where asked in your registration and ensure that they also register promptly. If you don’t have somebody specific you want to share with, we will assign you a roommate.

Retreat prices: Friday – Sunday

Prices quoted in this price table are for the entire cost of the retreat per person including meals, from dinner Friday night through Sunday lunch.

Room description Adult*Adult NonmemberYoung Adult (20-25yrs)Teen (13-19yrs)Child (4-12yrs)Infant (0-3yrs)
Shared Double Room220€240€185€50€30€0€
Shared Triple Room205€225€170€50€30€0€
non-resident (sleeping off-site)175€195€140€50€30€0€

Retreat prices: Friday – Monday (3 nights)

Prices quoted in this price table are for the entire cost of the retreat per person including meals, from dinner Friday night through Monday breakfast.

Room description Adult*Adult NonmemberYoung Adult (20-25yrs)Teen (13-19yrs)Child (4-12yrs)Infant (0-3yrs)
Shared Double Room 280€300€235€75€45€0€
Shared Triple Room 255€275€210€75€45€0€
non-resident (sleeping off-site)210€230€170€75€45€0€

Changing to another shared room on Sunday may be required so that we do not exceed the number of rooms we have contracted for Sunday night.


Paying your bill promptly makes everything simpler. Your registration is not complete, and your place is not securely reserved, until we receive your payment. Without your payment, we will not know whether or not the room needs to be cancelled to avoid a full charge. Please help us avoid all the confusion and complications that can result. We reward those who promptly pay with thanks and a hearty gratitude from the hardworking volunteers. Late payments after April 2nd (and this applies even if you register just before the deadline) require an additional 20 € per adult, to help mitigate the impact. Exceptional circumstances may occur, of course, and should be communicated directly with the EUU treasurer.

Please pay in euros if you can. Details of all payment methods are given at the end of the registration process.

  • Preferred payment method is by bank transfer to the EUU account in the Netherlands.
  • French registrants can pay by cash or euro cheque to Peter Jarrett. They must arrange this payment directly with him. The 20 € late payment surcharge and the cancellation policy described below apply in this case as well
  • If you can’t pay in euros, we will accept a US dollar check.
  • If you live outside the Euro zone and cannot pay with a US dollar check, please contact the treasurer to arrange a payment method.

Cancellation Policy:

We are sure that you understand that EUU makes a contract commitment for a large amount of money to the retreat sites, and many times, including this time, we have to pay full price for the rooms, even if we can’t use them because of last minute cancellations. For Mittelwihr, we have to inform the facility 12 days in advance exactly how many people they will have to feed and house, and we have to pay the bill for this number at that time, regardless of how many people show up. So we must be strict about cancellations.

  1. If you cancel before the April 2nd registration deadline, you get a full refund.
  2. If you cancel after April 2nd you get no refund unless we are able to fill your place with someone from the waiting list (should there be one) or you are subject to very exceptional circumstances (e.g., sudden illness, death in the family).
  3. If you don’t tell us that you are canceling but don’t show up, there is no refund.

Grant requests:

  • Are the retreat fees a challenge to your household budget? We know that they can be for some in our community, so we maintain a grant fund to help EUU members who might not otherwise be able to come to a retreat. If you are a member and would like to ask for a grant, register right away and also write to the EUU treasurer, telling how much support you would need in order to make it possible for you to attend. (All grant requests are treated confidentially by the grant committee, which consists of the president and the treasurer.) We can’t promise that we will be able to offer you all you ask for — this depends on the generosity of other registrants in their contributions to the grant fund — but we will try to do what we can.
  • All grant requests must be sent to the EUU treasurer by March 19th at the very latest.
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