EUU Online Retreat


"Nourishing Body and Soul: The Ethics of What We Eat and Why"

 featuring our speaker:  Prof. Aaron Gross.


April 22nd to 25th, 2021 Online


Registration includes four pages:

  1. On Page One you will fill out information regarding the contact person for your group.
  2. On Page Two you will enter information about each person in the group.
  3. Page Three will report your donation and allow you to select a payment method.
  4. Page Four gives a summary of all the information you have entered and asks you to validate this information before submitting it.

About Religious Education for Children and Teens (RE)

Religious Education (RE) is an interactive and fun way for your children ages 5 and up to learn what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.

For this Retreat Jim and Lucie Carlson (aka Cricket and Snail) will again lead the RE, this time in an effort to reflect the retreat theme of food ethics. Their plan is to have the children prepare a vegetarian meal at home (plenty of notice will be given as to the required ingredients), which they will film. An edited version of the proceedings will be presented Sunday before the Service.

Retreat Pricing:

As the Fall 2020 Festival was a financial success, we are keeping the pricing model and are asking registrants to contribute what they can afford.
We suggest 20-60 euros per person for the entire weekend, but we want you to know that you should not hesitate to register even if you cannot manage that range.
Any surplus earned will go primarily to the EUU Social Action budget, with a special focus on supporting food ethics-related NGOs.


Paying your bill at the same time you register makes the entire process simpler for our volunteers and is greatly appreciated.