A Time in Our Lives

Like many of us, I’m longing for a time without daily news of infection rates and restrictions. And like many of us, waiting for the outcome of the US elections tries my nerves.

But everything takes time. We need to remember that around the world, nurses and doctors are helping those who are ill, while scientists are racing to develop medicines for our current pandemic. And no matter the outcome of November’s elections in the US, and those of other elections around the world, so many people are working to help humanity and the environment no matter which way political winds turn.

Throughout this unusual year, EUU has continued to bring us together for community, reflection and action. Our fellowships are meeting regularly online, making it easy to ‘travel’ to the Netherlands, or Paris or beyond to join a service, a meditative meeting or a chat over coffee. Please look at the list of events on the EUU website for your next EUU trip.

Our online fall retreat on 12 to 15 November will be another moment of community. In the face of coronavirus restrictions, our retreat’s theme reminds us about nature, around us and inside us. The online retreat will allow members and friends to join from near and far: you can take a deep online dive into the many events or come for selected moments. You can read more in the article by our retreat co-chair, Emily Searle-White.

Our Social Action Committee has remained active, as you can see from the number of new Social Action News posts. Most of the proceeds from the retreat, above the direct costs, will go to our Social Action work for the environment and for refugees; the remaining share will support EUU members who request help to attend our in-person retreats, once we can have them again (see the retreat announcement for the details).

As every year, EUU will hold an Annual General Meeting. So please mark your calendars for Saturday, 21 November, at 4pm (in the time zone of the EUU fellowships). We will meet online for important business, including electing next year’s officers and approving next year’s budget. At retreats, our annual meetings have to fit into busy schedules; this year, we meet one week after the retreat: we’ll have more time online, so after the official business we will open the floor for your reflections on EUU during these times.