A Wonderful Time

I never imagined I could have such a wonderful time on Zoom!

Our fall retreat took place online, and it truly was the next best thing to being there. I’m truly thankful to everyone on the retreat committee who put in so much time to make the retreat what it was. Along with our speaker, the Rev. Dr. Nicole Kirk, who among other things chose to give her theme talk at 2am in Chicago so that she could connect with us directly on a Saturday morning in Europe, we also had a fascinating set of workshops.

I’d also like to thank all the participants who joined via Zoom. It was heartwarming to see old friends and new. This was our first “pay what you can” retreat – thank you to everyone who gave so generously. As announced, we’ll be using the funds beyond retreat costs for Social Action and for our travel grant fund, so we can help people join our in-person retreats when we hold them again.

You can read more about the retreat starting here.