Appreciation for EUU’s amazing volunteers!

At the November 2020 AGM, Carolyn Burlingame-Goff announced the volunteer appreciation awards for 2020.

Founder’s Award
The “Founder’s Award” is given to an individual or individuals who have been involved in EUU for over ten years and have served in a variety of volunteer positions.
Martha and John Hicks, who have worked on the Unifier, Music, R.E. and so much more over the years

Into the Breech Award
The “Into the Breech Award” is given to individuals who have jumped in headfirst to address a need that has suddenly opened up in our organization.
Peter Jarrett, who led our successful online pledge drive

Consider It Done Award
The “Consider it Done Award” is given to a member of our organization who has taken on a project and led it with passion and diligence.
Matt Gillsenan and Emily Searle-White, who chaired the committee for EUU’s first ever on-line Retreat

Person behind the Curtain
The “Person behind the Curtain Award” recognizes an individual who has played an important but less visible supporting role in the organization.
Ray Burlingame-Goff, who has kept the Retreat Registration going quietly and efficiently over the past 5+ years

All for One, One for All
The “All for One and One for All” award recognizes team spirit.
Karen Kyker, Shulamit Levine-Helleman, Mark Shiels and Ray Burlingame-Goff who worked tirelessly (with Matt and Emily) on the Fall Festival Committee