Call for Social Action Grants!

Social Action has a relatively large budget, and we’d like to spend it all. This is due in large part to the success of our virtual retreats and the generous donations from those who attended. Thank you!

We are focussing this year on inter-fellowship community building. We concentrate on three program areas: people, planet and partnerships.

Perhaps you are working with refugees (newcomers, migrants) to Europe? We’d be happy to support you in any of your People projects.

We especially encourage projects having to do with improving our stewardship of the Planet. Many were inspired by the recent focus on Ethical Eating at our most recent retreat. Please think about getting together and coming up with a project.

Maybe you would like to suggest a Partnership with a like-minded organization, like the International Convocation of UU Women or the Transylvanian Unitarians?

Please contact us with any suggestions at or fill out a Grant Application form. Grants are approved on a rolling basis: there is no deadline.

Look forward to supporting you any way we can!

EUU Social Action Committee