Calling all at-large members of the EUU!

(updated Jan 9, 2024)

At-large members of the EUU are those of us who are members of EUU but not members of any EUU-affiliated fellowship. (The recently renamed at-large activity “EUU At-Large Informal Online Spiritual Community” does not count as an EUU affiliated fellowship, as it is not an actual fellowship with members and bylaws.)

I represent at-large members at the EUU Coordinating Council (CC). In order to do that effectively, I need to know whom I serve. I created a Google Groups email list ( for at-large members of the EUU, which I use to report CC activity to you and to get information from you about your priorities. You can also use the list to suggest activities for at-large members: perhaps you would like to help organize a regional mini-retreat in your area or to start an online activity (one-off or ongoing). If you write to the list, everyone on the list receives your email.

Many people have joined EUU since I made this list. Some other people have probably left or joined a fellowship. I would like to update my list of At-Large members.

If you are an At-Large member of the EUU and do not receive mails from me at, please send me your name and contact information (at least an email address and name) to It would also be helpful to me to know where you live.

And for those of you who are no longer At-Large members of the EUU (either because you have left EUU or because you have joined a Fellowship) but still get mail from me at, please let me know by sending an email to


Shulamit Levine-Helleman
At-Large Representative to the EUU CC