Can you help with our Social Action Project: growunited’s book, Why Are We Here? in English?

Updated information (June 5). For a description of the project, scroll down.

We are looking for German-English translators, but you don’t actually have to be a professional translator. Professional translators will be doing a final review.
We need people who can review a rough translation and compare it to the German original to make sure it is reasonable and accurate. So a knowledge of German is required, but translating experience is not.
We are also looking for people who are good at editing English – these people will fine-polish the translations after the translators have checked them. The editors do NOT have to know German – though it might be helpful.


Calling all German to English translators and English to English editors! The EUU Social Action Committee needs you!

First, thanks to everyone for your generous contributions to the EUU Bad Homburg Retreat Sunday Service collection. As announced there, the proceeds will go to growunited, a German NGO founded by Bledion Vladi, a former student of our very own Secretary, Bonnie Friedmann.

Back in 2017, Bledion co-led a project which culminated in a book of refugee stories, told in their own words. As one project has grown into two NGOs, they are now in need of an English version of the book, to be published in time for their annual global Masterpeace Festival on or around the International Day of Peace in September.

Do you have experience in German/ English translation? Do you have editorial experience in English? The more volunteers we have, the less work there will be for each ;-).

Please contact or Terri Michos directly with your interest.