CC Meeting in Brussels June 23 – Highlights

The Brussels Fellowship hosted the quarterly EUU Coordinating Committee (EUUCC) meeting with gracious hospitality last month. Fortified by a delicious mid-day repast, buckets of tea, and the scrumptious cookies provided by Marcie, the hours on Saturday fairly quickly flew by. The committee laid the groundwork for upcoming retreats, discussed the successes and challenges of the recent retreat in Dijon, poured over financial reports for ongoing projects, and brainstormed how we can strengthen the community as a whole by promoting local fellowship events to the greater EUU, inviting groups from abroad to participate in our retreats, and building confederations with European Unitarians.

Highlights from the meeting include:

  • The Fall 2019 retreat will now be hosted by a coalition of German fellowships in Bad Homburg. Prague has offered to provide substantial support for this retreat in the form of RE programming and music coordination.
  • In related news, the Prague Fellowship will now be hosting the Spring 2020 retreat, so we will have our Prague Spring after all.
  • Our new website is up and running and eager for content from the fellowships — please make sending information about your activities to Gevene a regular part of your fellowship’s routine. If you are savvy about website management, or just willing to learn, then Gevene could use your help.
  • In order to synchronize our pledge drive, fiscal year, officers’ terms and the calendar year, we will be proposing a change to our by-laws, so that the Annual General Meeting is held at the Fall Retreat instead of the Spring.  We will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting at the Cologne Retreat to discuss this with our general membership.
  • The Sunday Collection at the Cologne Retreat will be dedicated to the EUT grant fund to help our members attend the European Unitarians Together Gathering in Berlin 2019.
  • We are setting up a Small Fellowship Support Group.  Let us know what you would like it to look like.
  • A new EUU Logo is in the works.  If you would like to be involved in developing it, let us know!
  • There may also have been Belgian chocolates.