Our 2023 EUU pledge drive was officially launched during the lead-up to our Spring 2023 retreat.
Thank you to all who pledged during retreat registration or during the retreat itself! Your early indication of support is encouraging! …and helps us better manage our expenses and operations.

A pledge to contribute resources to EUU can include immediate transfer of contributed funds, or a promise to make a transfer at a later date up to the end of the calendar year, ideally before the Annual General Meeting in the fall of the same year (November 2023).

Of course, one may also pledge one’s time & energy in the organization of EUU. We are entirely volunteer-operated and your indication of additional non-financial contributions is essential to our ongoing vitality.

Volunteering to be a part of our communications team, to be an active member of the Social Action Committee, to organize a retreat, to carry out up-to-date research on potential retreat sites, to provide practical & compassionate support to others within our constellation of European UU fellowships – all these and more are essential to the EUU’s mission. Both transfers and messages of intended promise of financial or time & energy contributions can be indicated on the form linked here.

The very successful hybrid experience at our Spring 2023 retreat has highlighted our need for continued financial contributions and volunteer expertise if we are to continue creating this kind of accessibility at our retreats. In addition, growing awareness of the cost of retreat attendance as a potential barrier to retreat participation for some is another reason to give as  generously as we are able, to continue making it possible for many to find community together, in-person, at our retreats.
If you haven’t yet pledged time and effort and financial resources for 2023, please consider doing so now.

Thank you for your continued support of EUU in its missions of individual and fellowship support for UUs in Europe, and for helping to create a better world through our combined social action efforts.

You can give in euros by transfer using this link (
If the euro transfer method doesn’t work for you, please contact our Treasurer, Jutta Hamm-Ullmann, at and she will advise on how to proceed.

In gratitude,
Sharon Marshall, Pledge Drive Coordinator
Karen Kyker, EUU President