EUT 2019 Updates for April Unifier

Self-guided tours: create your own tour in the company of other Unitarians

We have decided to try something new at the EUT in Berlin. In addition to the tours put together by the Organizing Committee (see the downloadable brochure at, we will provide a system for self-guided tours. Say you’ve decided that there’s something in Berlin you’ve always wanted to see, but we haven’t provided this tour. Why not tour this special destination with other interested Unitarians and get to know some new people at the same time?

Just let us know what you have planned, and we’ll help by letting others know the where and when.

Simply contact, and we’ll let the EUT tour coordinators know.

Running out of rooms at the (Park) Inn!

The Inn is quickly filling up. If you’d like to stay where all the action is, register now to be able to stay on-site.

Are you bringing children under the age of five?

Be sure to register by 20 April to take advantage of childcare at a very reasonable rate. Our childcare providers are certified. Rest assured that your little ones are well cared for, as you enjoy the adult program.

Thanks to you, we have difficult workshop choices ahead.

We have received a vast array of workshops offered by participants. Due to a limited number of workshop rooms, our Workshop Co-Coordinators will be hard at work preparing a list of suggested workshops be selected by the Organizing Committee. Thanks for giving us so many choices. The opportunity to offer a workshop is now closed. Workshops will be selected in May.