EUU Annual General Meeting (AGM) to Follow the Fall Retreat, a Week Later on November 5

EUU President Karen Kyker

Brown and yellow leaves on wet pavement, and that odor rising from damp vegetation – it’s time for a Fall Retreat! We’re all so very much looking forward to gathering together again, both onsite at Mittelwihr and online from home! So much to come back to (traditions!) but also aware of new ways we can gather (learned over the past two years), and certainly with some challenges and unknowns ahead as we co-create our first hybrid retreat. I expect we’ll experience surprises, joy, reminders and challenges. Are you feeling adventurous? Ready to help make this happen? I am!

One of numerous differences at this fall retreat will be the absence of an AGM (Annual General Meeting). To make more space for retreat activities, and to encourage more people from near and far to participate in our AGM, EUU’s annual business meeting will take place online on Saturday, November 5, from 2:30 to 4 pm, the weekend following the retreat.

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend our AGM on Saturday, November 5: to stay informed (brief reports), to provide direction (ask questions, vote for officers), to keep our community going with your ideas, energy and care. The Zoom meeting will open at 2:00 pm for pre-meeting visiting. Business begins at 2:30 with the final third of the meeting given to exchanging ideas; and the Zoom meeting will remain open after the AGM officially closes, for those who wish to continue visiting. Look for an electronic invitation to the AGM in the week of October 24.

And I will be looking for you! We hope to see you soon, in some fashion or another.

In Fellowship,

Karen Kyker, EUU President