EUU At-Large Virtual Fellowship – New name for our monthly meetings online

At the most recent CC meeting, someone pointed out that calling our monthly online gathering a Chalice Circle could be confusing. In UU circles, most people think of something specific when they hear Chalice Circle: a small group ministry where the same group of people commit to meet regularly for a full year, with no visitors or new people during that time. Well, that definitely doesn’t describe our group.

The At-large online monthly meeting is primarily intended for At-large members of the EUU, as well as for UUs who crave a connection with EUU and are referred by one of our members, to gather together between retreats for fellowship and sharing with each other. We have also opened our virtual doors to some people who are also members of a Fellowship, but who travel so much that they can rarely attend their own Fellowship’s services. We are even open to visitors on occasion, if you are known by our members.

In typical UU democratic process, we have discussed the issue of what to call ourselves and have taken a vote on a new name. From now on, our meetings will be called the “EUU At-Large Virtual Fellowship.”

We will try to alternate between Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings for our gatherings, to accommodate different schedules. Our next meeting will be on Sunday 1 March at 16:30 CET.

If you want to join our growing virtual monthly gathering or to become an At-large member of the EUU, please contact