Variety – Spice of Life?
Vielfalt – Würze des Lebens?
European Unitarians Together
Europäischer Unitariertag

was co-hosted by the
European Unitarian Universalists (EUU)
and Unitarier – Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens (URfG)

European Unitarians Together 2019 (EUT 2019)

The EUT was a gathering of Unitarians, Universalists, Unitarian-Universalists, Free Religious Thinkers, Humanists and kindred groups from throughout Europe.

Variety – Spice of Life? Vielfalt – Würze des Lebens?

Our theme was meant to address local, European and global concerns and opportunities. What place does variety have in life of the world at large and our extended family of faith traditions? Is there such a thing as too much variety? Where does unity end and diversity begin? How do we address the bitter along with the sweet; how do we address both rational and irrational fears and journey through change?

Two Keynote Speeches

On the Path to Freedom Through Blessings, Gratitude and Forgiveness

The Rev. Dr. Karen Tse, Founder and CEO of International Bridges to Justice (IBJ)

Read a report of her speech here.

Do Liberals Love Diversity? Is Diversity the Spice of Life? An interactive, participatory theme talk!

The Rev. Wies Houweling, General Secretary of Vrijzinnigen Nederland

Check back for a report on this keynote speech.

Sermon from Closing Ceremony

Common Ground of our Diverse Faith

Karsten Urban, Co-President URfG

Text of the sermon here.

Tour and Workshop Reports

The program of tours and workshops at EUT 2019 was extensive. To read reports of some of them, click here.

Social Action Collections at EUT

If you’re interested in seeing what we collected and where it will go, click here.