Workshop Report contributed by Nancy Klein

The Ukulele workshop in Cologne was great fun. Ukuleles have become increasingly popular, as they don’t cost much to buy.  They are also easy to play, as we discovered in the workshop led ably by Michael Zink, who taught the group of about 15 of us how to play three chords on the ukulele. They were C, F and G. Mike told us you can play lots of songs if you know these three chords. He had brought ukuleles for us to play and even buy, and participants could have brought their own.

After showing us to where to put one’s fingers to play these three basic chords, he taught us how to play “Where the Lion Sleeps Tonight.” After we had figured that out and were able to play it together, Mike asked us if we would be willing to play together at the Talent Show that night. Good timing, on his part! So after one afternoon workshop, we got to strut our stuff in the front of the assembled crowd at the Saturday night Talent show. Good times! Thank you Michael Zink!