November 1-3, 2024

Registration Deadline August 7

for in-person participation

EUU Cologne Rica Kaufel

The Theme

Interdependence: What Makes a Community?

Interdependence is at the heart of Unitarian Universalism.  But what exactly does that mean for us individually, as a religious community, and as one species among many on this beautiful Earth?

The 7th UU Principle talks about the interconnected web of all things, and interdependence is one of the core values in the proposed changes to Article II as formulated by the Study Commission.

  •     What does it mean in a culture that is so invested in individualism and personal success?
  •    What does it mean for a religious community that has for so long centered personal freedom?
  •    What tensions arise between interdependence as one of our core values and many of the philosophical traditions we build on?
  •    And how do we build communities that are transparent about being truly interdependent so that they can also be just?

At the EUU Fall Retreat 2024, Reverend Rica Kaufel will explore these questions from a variety of  approaches and in a variety of forms. We expect a heartwarming gathering with a lively exchange of ideas.

What to Expect

EUU retreats are not weekends of silent contemplation, though there is time for that too.

We gather on Friday afternoon, eat together, make new friendships and renew old ones. Members and guests take part in our in-gathering ceremony and group icebreaker, before we break for the evening and retire or stay up late and make music or mix at the bar for coffee or just relax with new friends and old. If you are a musician, bring your instrument for the informal jam sessions; professionals and amateurs are welcome!

On Saturday morning, our guest speaker, the Rev. Rica Kaufel, will lead us in a participatory morning session focused on the retreat theme of interdependence, one of the key UU principles.

Saturday afternoon is the time for workshops, interesting subjects prepared and presented by retreat participants.  Saturday night begins with presentation from the Religious Exploration groups, so that everyone can see what the youth have been up to. That is followed by an Open Stage presentation of performances featuring a wide range of talent by people of all ages. Start working on your act now or decide spontaneously to share your talent.

Sunday morning we hold our worship service and closing ceremony, followed by lunch, before saying goodbye.

The Site

Cologne Hostel EntranceThe fourth-largest German city, Cologne was founded in 50 C.E. by the Romans under Emperor Claudius and called the ‘Claudia Colony near the Altar of Agrippinians’. Only the reference to the colony remains in the name, but it has been an important city ever since.

We are happy to be returning to an old EUU favorite the Köln-Riehl City Youth Hostel. We have held many events here over the decades because of its good value, sparkling clean and modern accommodations, excellent meeting facilities, and convenient location. 

It is well placed for easy transport for most of our members in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and beyond. More about the site and how to get there

The Cost

For those attending in person in Cologne, per person Prices are per person for the entire cost of the retreat including meals, from dinner Friday night through lunch on Sunday. There is also the option of registering for the online experience at a cost of €65. Members receive a discounted price of €50 to participate online.

The Grant Fund 

If retreat costs might be a challenge to your household budget, we maintain a grant fund to help people who might not otherwise be able to join us. If you would like to ask for a grant, click here to find out how. You have to act promptly, so read the information right away.

What if I can’t travel?

Our EUU community rallied to create four fully-online retreats during the pandemic. Based on this experience we have offered hybrid events in the meantime. This event will be a fully hybrid experience, to allow those who are not able to travel to Cologne, to participate in many elements of the retreat in an interactive way over Zoom.

If you have or want to develop technical skills that could support this, we invite you to contact the retreat committee at

Click here to register on a secure server for in person attendance in Cologne

Click here to register on a secure server for participation in the hybrid online experience

Click here to learn more about our theme speaker and guest minister Rica Kaufel