EUU Leadership Developments

We are saddened to learn that elected incoming President Ray Burlingame-Goff has experienced an unexpected health crisis. Fortunately for EUU, Tony Zamparutti, who had been elected to serve as vice-president at the AGM in Berlin, has agreed to serve as President for this four-month term beginning in September. As this was unexpected, he will be relying on former President Matt Gilsenan to share the work until the Fall Retreat in Bad Homburg.

The four month term is a result of the community approved decision to align board terms with the calendar year beginning in January 2020. The Nominating Committee will propose at the AGM at the Fall Retreat in Bad Homburg that Tony continue as President for the next term beginning in January, along with the rest of the slate of Karen Kyker as Vice President, Michael Zink as Treasurer, and Bonnie Friedman returning as Secretary.

The Nominating Committee members are Matt Gilsenan, Peter Jarrett and Eva Kortekaas. The new alignment of officer terms to calendar years resulted in two scheduled AGMs in 2019. The second AGM will occur at the Fall 2019 retreat.

We offer Ray, Carolyn and the rest of the family our ongoing support during a challenging time.