EUU has purchased a license to use the online meeting software called Zoom ( Our license allows us to host one meeting at a time. This means that it is important that meetings are scheduled carefully so that they don’t overlap. Each meeting can have up to 100 participants (though we haven’t tested having that big a meeting).

Attending your first Zoom meeting

You will receive an email with an invitation to a Zoom meeting. When you click the link in the invitation email, the necessary Zoom software will be installed on your computer (click to allow it to “install”- it takes a minute or less) and then you will be added to the meeting.

You will probably have to click the little Video icon in the window in order to turn your video on. You can also click the Microphone icon to mute your microphone when you are not speaking (a good idea to cut down on distracting noise coming from many microphones).

It’s possible to install the software in advance. If you click the link before the time of the meeting (to get the software installed), then you will need to click the link in the invitation (again) when you want to join the meeting at the scheduled time.

And here are our special EUU videos to help you get started with Zoom or to improve your Zoom skills so that using it is easier. 

Scheduling a Zoom meeting using the EUU account

To keep meetings from conflicting with each other, Shulamit Levine-Helleman is setting up and coordinating meetings for groups who want to use the EUU account.  Please contact her <> if you want to schedule a meeting. She will need to know a subject or title for the meeting and any information you want to include in the meeting invitation.

If you send her the email addresses of the people you want to invite, they will receive automatic meeting invitations. Otherwise, she will send the invitation to the meeting organizer who can then copy the invitation to invite participants.

Consulting the Zoom calendar

If you plan to schedule many meetings, you may want to be able to check the EUU Zoom calendar (a Google calendar) yourself, so you can find a time that is available before you ask Shulamit to schedule the meeting. Shulamit can give you read permissions for the Zoom calendar.