EUU Officers — An Overview

Each fall at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), the EUU holds elections for the four officers who have very specific administrative roles within EUU. These roles are defined in EUU’s By-Laws, the official document that is registered with the French government (where we are established as a non-profit association). The term limit of the president is fixed at 3 years.

The current officers — Karen Kyker, Emily Searle-White, Jutta Hamm, and Bonnie Friedmann — have enjoyed working together for the past several years to ensure EUU continues to strive toward its mission, to keep EUU rolling into the future. At the end of this calendar year, three of the current officers — Treasurer, Vice-President and President — will be ending their work in these roles. The EUU’s Nominating Committee has been networking within our community and is almost finished with their task of compiling a list of officer nominees to be voted on at our November 17 online AGM. (Thank you to the Nominating Committee for this work that you do!)

So that everyone who participates within EUU (members and non-members alike) can better understand the roles of these four elected officer positions, the current officers have written outlines of their jobs in (hopefully) clear language. Our desire is that everyone within EUU will find this information helpful and potentially inspiring as we ALL — not just officers — continue providing a guiding hand in our beloved EUU community.

President — It’s a very simple job 🙂   Work closely with the other officers, communicating with them regularly (yay Zoom! Yay WhatsApp!). Plan the agenda for official meetings (Coordinating Council Meetings and the Annual General Meeting) and lead those meetings. Stay aware and focused on our EUU mission and work to keep all of us centered on that mission during our various meetings and activities. Be the official “voice” and representative for the EUU, in relationship with other organizations. And, though it is not officially listed in our by-laws, listen, pay attention, and work toward the health and well-being of our community and all members of this community.


Vice-President — As the Vice President of EUU, one’s primary concern is membership. If emails arrive asking about what it means to be a member of EUU or how to join, it is the VP’s job to respond and make sure all questions are answered.  It is also the VP’s role to run the new membership ceremony at retreats and keep our membership list up to date. In addition, it is important to also be a sparring partner for the fellow EUU officers, in particular for the President. We all attend regular CC and Officers meetings in addition to keeping in touch in between those sessions. It has been a pleasure to serve with my fellow Officers, and I wish the new officers all the best!


Secretary — The EUU secretary’s main responsibility is to attend meetings and produce minutes for all Coordinating Council (CC) and Annual General Meetings (AGM). The secretary must attend these meetings, or designate a substitute to take minutes, if necessary. These minutes are stored on the Google Drive and are accessible to all CC members. General members may access these records at their own request, for viewing only, so that the integrity of the documents is maintained.

Keeping records includes working with all leadership to maintain the many categories of files on the Google Drive, which serve as a historical archive and a work in progress for the functioning of the organization.

The secretary also works closely with the other officers, the CC, and the Communications Team to make sure information flows well between EUU leadership and our members.

This means having a good overview of the communication loop and keeping track of who needs to know what and when. It often includes following up to make sure everything is going smoothly for our leaders and members. The secretary is a sort of production manager, aware of deadlines, who keeps things on track by asking the “who–what–when–where–how” questions that are essential for making actions happen.

An essential part of the secretary’s job is meeting regularly with the other officers, to plan meetings and review action items related to sustaining the health and spirit of the organization.

A person who finds joy in knowing that the structure supports the spirit of EUU will thrive in service to our members as secretary.


Treasurer — The treasurer takes care of EUU’s finances.

They observe EUU’s bank account and acknowledge payments, as in pledge payments or retreat payments. There are transfers to be made, like reimbursements, Social Action Donations and payments of bills (e.g. Youth Hostel, insurance).

All of these money movements have to be diligently noted in EUU’s bookkeeping. There are several spread sheets which need to be filled out and cross-checked.

The treasurer informs the officers and the Coordinating Council (CC) about EUU’s financial status on a regular basis. All of the gathered information helps the treasurer to create a budget for the next year, discuss it with the officers and the CC and present it to the AGM.

Most of the treasurer’s work occurs before and after retreats, where many transfers need to happen and need to be acknowledged.

The treasurer job is suitable for people who like to work with numbers and charts and who feel joyful when, after cross-checking, all the numbers check out. 🙂