EUU Pledge Drive 2024 — Energy, Time, and Money

What is needed for a volunteer-run organization to thrive? Beyond a compelling raison d’être or mission, we rely on contributions of time, energy and money.

Thank you to all who have already contributed financially to the 2024 EUU Pledge Drive, begun at our April Retreat in Saarbrücken! You can find a more detailed reminder and inspiration for joyfully supporting EUU by reading this year’s EUU Pledge Letter linked here.

In addition to your financial support, we’d like to hear about the time & effort you already give  – or might like to contribute  to the EUU community. Please take a few minutes to imagine what you might do, guided by this “Pledge of Time and Effort” Form. Within it, you will find an inspiring list of many ways to participate in the continued creation of our beloved EUU community, with space to suggest ideas that we haven’t thought of.

For any financial contribution or payment to EUU, please use the EUU’s single payment link found here, by European bank transfer via IBAN or by credit card. And thank you to all who keep it simple with a monthly bank transfer, from you to EUU. Everyone else – please consider setting up a monthly bank transfer for any amount that works for you.

To set up a monthly transfer, use the EUU’s single payment link, select “Pledge Payment,” then “Bank Transfer,” and finally, “Pay by Bank Transfer” to obtain EUU’s Banking IBAN. Once you have that information, you can go into your personal banking system and set up a recurring transfer to EUU.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of help.
And thank you for helping EUU thrive!

Best wishes, and in warm fellowship —
Your 2024 Pledge Drive Coordinator (Karen Kyker)