Exciting Changes for Wiesbaden UU!

After much soul-searching through a Visioning Process, WUU has undergone a change in identity and focus.

We started on the military base in Wiesbaden but found over time that most of our members are from outside that community. Not only that, but we live scattered throughout the Rhein-Main region. While we will always be grateful for the support the military community provided us, and for John Keating and Elizabeth Malone for re-founding a Wiesbaden UU group, we decided to take the next (and inevitable) step to find a new home.

The end of a long search landed us in Frankfurt. The friendly liberal Church of Christ the King is renting us space on the 1st Sunday of every month, at 2:00 p.m. We decided to keep the discussion group in Wiesbaden; we meet every 3rd Sunday of the month, also at 2:00. The fun part was thinking of a new name. We didn’t want to become UU Frankfurt out of respect to the former Frankfurt group and because we are not solely in Frankfurt, just as our members were never only in Wiesbaden. We settled on UU Rhein-Main, a name describing our goals and our reality. Our focus is to broaden our group’s horizons by being in a central location where anyone can easily join.

We have been in our new home since October; so far it is going well. We are maintaining a steady group of regulars and have already attracted visitors. If you are ever in the Rhein-Main area, join us for a service or discussion group!

More exciting news:

November 15-17 UU Rhein-Main will host the EUU Fall Retreat in Bad Homburg, Germany! More information to come soon.



Church of Christ the King
Sebastian-Rinz-straße 19
60323, Frankfurt am Main

2:00 p.m. every 1st Sunday of the month

Discussion Group

Schröers Café & Bistro
Mainzerstraße 79
65189, Wiesbaden

2:00 p.m. every 3rd Sunday of the month

Contact: We are still working on updating our contact information during this transition. For now, this is how you can find out information about us:

UU Rhein-Main Website: www.wiesbadenuu.weebly.com

EUU website: www.europeanuu.org

Email address: wiesbadenuu@gmail.com