February – Looking ahead to Prague and beyond

It’s still winter in much of Europe, but we can look forward to springtime in Prague. So if you haven’t signed up yet, registration for the EUU’s spring retreat (3-5 April) is still open until 23 February. The EUU website provides all the details. And if you’re still not sure, do check out the hit song for the retreat, “Please come to Prague”, by James Carlson of the Prague Unitarian Church.

Last month, the CC held its winter meeting in Strasbourg. Terri Michos has written an excellent summary in this issue, so I’ll highlight just two points. Every year we hold an EUU Annual General Meeting (our next one will be at the fall retreat in Mittelwihr), but these business meetings don’t leave a lot of time for discussion outside the necessary agenda items about elections and budgets. So, we’re making a little time during the Prague retreat for an open “town meeting”.

At our last retreat in Bad Homburg, former President Carolyn Burlingame-Goff held a ceremony to recognize those who have volunteered their time for EUU. I’d like to highlight an opportunity for volunteering this year: in the fall, we’ll be going back to a well-loved retreat site, Mittelwihr in Alsace, in the corner of France near Germany and Switzerland. The retreat will be on 6-8 November – and the retreat committee needs volunteers. As Carolyn said at Bad Homburg, volunteering provides fellowship, learning and fun. So, come, come, whoever you are – please consider this opportunity to join in!

Finally, happy Valentine’s Day! The UUA website suggests (only a suggestion, as UU’s don’t do dogma) that on Valentine’s Day we think of the sixth principle, The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all, with the aim of extending our love to all.