Hello from our ICUU Representative

Hi everyone,

My name is Eva Kortekaas from the Netherlands, and since January 2018 I have been representing EUU to the worldwide organization of Unitarians and Universalists known as the ICUU. In the future I hope to share with you a regular update of the ongoings of ICUU, as well as a few stories about my experiences and how working with ICUU has added to my own spiritual life. I hope there are others who might enjoy sharing as well.

If you are curious about learning more and don’t want to wait for any more of my updates, the EUT in Berlin will be a good chance for that. ICUU’s president Inga Brandes and Executive Director Rev. Sara Asher will be there, and I know they will be happy to meet you. I also happen to know they will be offering a workshop on “ICUU – Our worldwide UU connection” as well. Finally, I will be there as well, and I am equally happy to meet with you.

Hopefully till soon,

Eva Kortekaas

Note: You can contact Eva at icuurepresentative@europeanuu.org