ICUU Executive Committee Responds to Proposal for Individual Membership


Dear EUU President, dear Carolyn,

Thank you for your input regarding the needs of individuals interested in U/Uism around the world.

Your proposal has reached us in time to be taken up and discussed at this year’s in-person meeting of the ICUU Executive Committee in Manchester.

I hope you will be content with the results of our discussion. In my perspective it was very productive. The results however may look different from what you envisioned…

The EC consensually sees it not within ICUU’s mission to change the Constitution to allow for individual membership. For good reasons, we are an organisation of organisations and do not want to change the nature of ICUU.
However, if an at-large group develops, we would welcome its application to become a member of the ICUU.

From a more general point of view, I can assure you that of course we (as ALL ECs before us) find it important to ensure that individuals around the world can learn about and connect to U/Uism. And of course ICUU, as the only international body where we are all on a par, has a/the vital role in that.

So we plan to address the needs of interested individuals by reviewing and revising our existing “ICUU friends” concept to ensure individuals have way to be in relationship with the ICUU.

Also, we reached consensus that we will see to it that the need to serve interested individuals around the world is always considered when we build our programs and plan projects. Whenever it makes sense for a program or project, serving individuals will be an integral element of it.

Best wishes!

On behalf of the ICUU Executive Committee

Inga Brandes
ICUU President
International Council of Unitarians & Universalists //
Twitter: @ICUUinfo

The Mission of the ICUU is to empower existing and emerging member groups to sustain and grow our global faith community.