International UU developments: Changes are on the way

In the last week of October, I attended the business meeting of the ICUU, unfortunately not in beautiful Montreal in Canada, but online from my couch. At that meeting, we made a decision which the EUU briefly addressed during our town hall after the AGM, namely the proposed creation of a new organization from both the ICUU and the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council.

During the last few years, both organizations have found that they are both having issues meeting the needs of these times financially and organizationally, and after much exploration, the member groups of the ICUU have agreed to start the process of creating the new organization. Many more steps will follow.

Click here to read the first message from ICUU to people who are interested, reporting on both this and the other news from the business meeting.

Within EUU, we’ll be holding a Zoom meeting on 12 January 2021 for those interested, and I invite you to join us.

Eva Kortekaas

ICUU Representative