Join us! EUU Virtual Retreat Schedule 2020

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EUU Virtual Retreat Nov 12-15
“Nature and Wonder: Within and Around Us”

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Our retreat speaker, the Reverend Nicole Kirk, will be joining us on each of the four days we meet, from Thursday November 12 at 18:00, until our 16:00 Service and closing ceremonies, which end at 17:15 Sunday November 15.

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Thursday November 12

18:00 Ingathering: After a brief live musical performance, Thursday will feature  a two-part icebreaker and sharing of Joys and Concerns with the EUU Community. Take a short break at 19:15 or sign off for the evening.

19:30  “The Zoom Lounge” opens on the same Zoom connection, where a host will help you join Zoom groups large and small in conversation until approximately 21:00.


Friday November 13

7:30-7:55 Morning Meditation

19:00 Groundwork Session Live music, a Shabbat centering ritual, followed by a chair Yoga Interlude. Our Guest Minister Nicole Kirk will lead some reflection exercises to help set the frame of mind for Saturday’s activities. Or if you prefer, continue with chair yoga during the reflection session. At 20:15, take a short break or sign off for the evening.

20:30 “The Zoom Lounge” opens on the same Zoom connection, where a host will help you join Zoom groups, large and small, in conversation until approximately 22:00.


Saturday November 14

7:30-7:55 Morning Meditation

This is the longest retreat day, although we offer lots of breaks, Please feel free to sit out a session to rest or get outdoors.

9:30-10:45 Theme Talk: Nature and Wonder: Within and Around Us
11:00-11:30 Facilitated Lobby is open to connect with old and new friends

12:45-14:00 Workshop Slot A
14:30-15:45 Workshop Slot B
16:15-17:15 Live Q&A with Nicole Kirk

17:45-19:00 Choir Gathering/Chair Yoga
19:20-20:35 Talent Show
20:45-21:15 Cricket and Snail Concert

21:30-22:00 Drop into the “The Zoom Lounge,” where you can participate or eavesdrop in the main room, or ask a facilitator to create a breakout room for private conversations.


Sunday November 15

8:30-8:55 Morning Meditation
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Time to Connect with Nature alone or in fellowship

14:00 The Lobby– with breakout rooms organized by themes from the retreat
16:00 Service led by EUU team, with Homily by Nicole Kirk
 Closing Ceremony

17:15 End of Retreat

Many of our presentations, including the theme talk by Rev. Nicole Kirk and presentations by many workshop leaders will be available either as pre-recorded videos or transcripts. These will be available to workshop attendees to view on their own time, so that our retreat registrants living in the US can also participate.

We encourage everybody, to the extent possible, to leave these days open from other obligations, so you can get out in Nature, have ample time for breaks and reflection, and enjoy the retreat experience as if we had a weekend away together. Nobody needs to overload themselves or feel they can’t indulge in taking a session off.

What’s missing from this retreat: No travel time and cost, no trying to look over the tall person in front of you or asking a friend to save a seat.

What we have in abundance at this retreat: Inspiring content, opportunities for social and spiritual renewal, and the strength of the EUU community!