Kudos and many thanks, Jodi & Diana!

A tough act to follow

In the process of transitioning to become EUU’s Social Action Coordinator, I am reviewing the body of work that Jodi Stolzenbach (At-Large) and Diana Smith (UU Paris) are leaving behind — five years’ worth —as they also transition to lend their talents to other projects, including motherhood :D.

I am indebted to their support in this slow transition. Not only have they briefed me and shared all the files to peruse, they have covered for me as I have relaxed and renewed my spirit for this new position: one where I had always wanted to make a contribution but didn’t have the time and energy to devote to it. Now I’m fired up and ready to join all EUUers.

Jodi and Lisl Stolzenbach voting at the AGM in Cologne
Diana Smith













SA Co-coordinator(s) wanted!

We all know that two heads are better than one. We would love to have a co-coordinator. I expect to devote four hours a month. If you have two hours a month that you’d like to invest in working towards the greater good, please contact SocialAction@europeanuu.org.

What does Social Action do?

I’m just beginning to learn of the extent of regional and international projects which EUUers are involved in on an individual, fellowship or EUU-wide basis.

Jodi and Diana developed a very nice framework SA efforts (see http://www.europeanuu.org/social-action/).

In keeping with the motto, “Don’t mess with success,” I don’t anticipate making any changes and see the co-coordinator’s role as one of facilitation.

How to become engaged

  1. Talk to the social action coordinator of your fellowship / At-Large community.
  2. Stay informed. Visit the EUU website Social Action page and read our section of Unifier or join our closed Facebook group.
  3. Review the list projects we are currently involved (see the website).
  4. Consider offering a Social Action workshop at the next retreat.

Please remember that you time and energy are your most valuable gifts. We would encourage you to make a one-time, short-term contribution. We want to keep the ‘social’ in social action.


There is money available in the budget for social action grants. Please contact us for details.

Let us know what you’re doing and how we might help. We look forward to serving the EUU community in our collective effort towards social justice.

Contact us by writing to socialaction@europeanuu.org