KUUF (Kaiserslautern) Homecoming and Welcoming Potluck Sunday

Once again, we had a great service on August 12th with some regular members, some friends from the Wiesbaden UU Community and a couple of few comers as well. It was a great turnout for a Summer Sunday.

US Air Force Chaplain the Rev. Gregory Dubow

Well tomorrow, Sep. 9, is the BIG day as our Homecoming and Welcoming Potluck Sunday, when we welcome Rev. Dubow into our Fellowship. Just think, during the many years of the Kaiserslautern UU Fellowship’s history, there has never been an ordained UU Minister assigned here. And now we have Rev. Dubow. This is the culmination of the dreams, works, services and communities of past generations of UUs in Germany, here and in our surrounding Fellowships. We begin a new chapter in the long legacy of the Kaiserslautern Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship. Please come to commune and celebrate this Special Sunday.

Service on Sunday September 9, 2018 will be on Home and Rev. Greg Dubow will tie his message onto our Homecoming and Welcoming Potluck. Rev. Greg will explore the idea of Home. What does “Home” mean to you? If home is where the heart is, where is your home?

After service, we look forward to our Homecoming and Welcoming Potluck! If you haven’t signed up, don’t worry, be happy. We want you. If you are able to pitch in, please bring a dish to feed 2 to 4 folks. If you can’t bring food, bring good cheer and your appetite. We will have plenty of food for all. Right now, we have folks bringing salad, chicken, and some cheese & cracker plates. Still could use some casseroles, desserts and drinks (non-alcoholic). Let me know if you can provide some of these dishes or surprise us with your special dish that you have always wanted to share. This is a Celebration!

If you haven’t been able to come for a while or you are a newcomer, don’t miss this special service. If you’re a newcomer or a few-comer, it can be a little intimidating if you don’t know everyone. Please consider Rev. Dubow and myself as your new best friends and come talk with either or both of us. We are both new here and would welcome your friendship.

For non-cardholders, needing help getting on base, I will be able to meet you at the Main Gate to Vogelweh at 13:10. Please be there by then if you need to get signed in.

Please visit our website regularly for information and updates on our Fellowship, our sister Fellowships in Germany and our European Unitarian-Universalist association. Check us out at the following url.

I want to welcome you to just come, listen, share, and be part of our Spiritual Community. Our welcome is genuine and your participation is voluntary, so please come share with us and enrich all of our lives with your presence.


Phil Brown