Looking Forward to New EUU Adventures with You!

EUU President Karen Kyker

Welcome to summer!

In this Unifier edition, you’ll find information about our upcoming IN-PERSON Fall Retreat… our first official EUU in-person gathering since Fall 2019, three years ago. I wonder what it was like at the first ever EUU retreat, over 40 years ago How much uncertainty was in the air at that time? This fall, some of us will travel to Mittelwihr, and some will arrive virtually via a computer, made possible because one silver lining of the pandemic is our increased awareness, skills and tools for making some kind of hybrid retreat possible. But what exactly that “hybrid retreat” will be remains to be seen…

As with all firsts, our first time back in person will be special, different, an unfolding creation. The retreat committee, headed by Matt Gilsenan, Tony Zamparutti and Roland Siebeke, will soon send out a broad invitation to EVERY ONE OF US to give some feedback about the upcoming Fall ‘22 EUU Retreat. Even if you do not plan to participate, your input is very much desired. And everyone intending to participate – whether online or in-person – will be able to suggest what (little or big) contributions you might make to help to co-create this next EUU adventure.

Therefore, encouragements to us all – keep an eye out for an additional EUU mailing very soon, and please complete the linked form you will find within it. Your input will help our EUU community take our next steps toward another rich, multi-faceted experience of being together.

Additionally, the officers of EUU (myself, Roland Siebeke, Bonnie Friedmann and Jutta Hamm) invite all who have comments, questions or concerns about how EUU is doing to send us a message:  officers@europeanuu.org. Your fellowship representative (CC rep) is also an important connection to EUU at all times, so remember to talk with them before our next (virtual) CC meeting in early August.

Best wishes, and in caring Fellowship,

Karen Kyker, President