Making Compassion the New Normal – Sunday Worship Service at Spring Retreat 2021

I had the pleasure of attending the EUU’s second online retreat this spring. Most things were timed to where I could attend, now that I am in the U.S.A. I really appreciated that. A special part of the retreat was the Sunday service. It was opened by Amy Beltaine, who reminded us of our interconnectedness extending through our internet connections, so no matter where we are we can be together.

Following this, the different EUU Fellowships made a declaration of what they bring to the EUU which was beautiful. We then had a guided meditation reflecting on the elements, followed by a lovely performance by Cricket & Snail.

The Rev. Jennifer ChanninOur homily was delivered by the Rev. Jennifer Channin. She focused on “awakenings” and her spiritual journey toward veganism. Awakenings are both mental and physical. She discussed the reality of the modern-day privilege of being disconnected from our food and the exploitation of animals. And to protect our integrity, our wholeness, we need to mitigate the suffering of those around us, humans and animals, by our own decision making. These tough times are when we can be the most personally influential toward others.

Following the homily we had the New Member ceremony where we welcomed two new members into EUU.

It was a perfect wrap up to a retreat that leaned toward the ethical choices we make and how to be more conscientious and intentional in our lives.

Caitlin McGinn, EUU member at large