„Miteinander Eins – anders aber gleich“– Together one – different but the same (equal)

Under  this motto, MasterPeace wanted to connect people and show that despite different origins, religions, and lifestyles, we are still “One”. The main goal was to create a feeling of togetherness, especially though our workshops – painting a common picture, the joint composition of a song and designing a wishing tree. We wanted to show that despite our differences, we can co-create and lead to more harmony in our communities. A discussion with the topic “wishes for a just future” followed, where young leaders and representatives of the community were invited to discuss the issues of racism, social inclusion, climate change and youth-friendly politics, and integration. The festival had live music and an international buffet and cocktails, prepared and supported by our partners.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we are mainly concerned with the topics of contact bans, permanent Corona messages, fear of infection or job losses. With fewer or no trips or excursions, visits to restaurants or bars, no concerts, sporting events – all due to the Corona measures, our world has become quite small and expressionless. With all the negativity that the Corona virus brings, it shows us how important it is to care about our fellow human beings because we are all one, albeit with a mask and distance. Our MasterPeace Festival focuses on sharing, unity, and diversity. By focusing on music and art, we wanted to raise awareness and encourage participants to take a closer look because cultural offerings can spike interest in things we were previously uninterested in or skeptical about. Furthermore, music and art can overcome psychological and social barriers. They can establish communication and, through the joint workshops, bring us together with people with whom we would not otherwise exchange ideas. Our festival makes it clear that together we are stronger and can achieve great things. All participants in the festival represent a piece of the puzzle and become a part of the interconnected puzzle during the evening because even though we are all different, we are the same – Together One.

Music above Fighting, Dialogue above Judgement, Creation above Distraction – by respecting and honoring these missions, MasterPeace creates projects to bring people of different backgrounds together and relies on its partners, such as the EUU to co-finance its activities. The mission of MasterPeace Germany is to host intercultural projects, tell stories, work together, learn, laugh and celebrate our diversity. The club is one of more than 45 such groups around the world in over 40 countries. The umbrella organization, MasterPeace, is an award-winning grass-roots non-profit and non-governmental peace movement, begun by partners based in the Netherlands and Egypt. Find out more here www.masterpeace.org.

This project received continued support in 2021 from the EUU Social Action program.