My Pilgrimage to Transylvania – and two opportunities for 2019

by Karin Cudd

Despite being a lifelong UU, I only learned when I moved to Europe that the roots of Unitarianism are found in Transylvania. I was intrigued when I heard about the pilgrimages organized by the UU Partner Church Council. I went on a 2-week trip back in April 2015 and came away with a better sense of myself.

All Unitarian churches in Transylvania have a partner church, most of them in the U.S.  So most “pilgrims” are from the States and visit their partner churches during the family stay portion of the trip.  As EUU members don’t have partner churches, you may wonder whether the pilgrimage is valuable.  I can reply with a resounding “Yes!”

Not only did we travel to historic sites, including UNESCO World Heritage sites and where the Edict of Torda was signed, we were accompanied by excellent guides and learned the moving history of our religion, through a people who hung onto it under one of the most repressive political regimes ever.

I was the only member of our group without a partner church, so arrangements were made for me to stay with another member lodging with the ministers of his partner church.  Levente and Erika could not have been more hospitable, recognizing us during a Sunday service and introducing us to their congregation.

For information about upcoming pilgrimage opportunities, consult the UU Partner Church Council website:

There are two tours this year:

If you’re considering going on such a pilgrimage this year, keep in mind that the registration deadline for the Cross-Cultural Pilgrimage in August is May 7 and that of the Thanksgiving Economy Pilgrimage in September is June 30.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you’d like to know more about what the trip is like.