Nature: Civilized, cultured, wild, and sacred

by Sarah Vinz, member of IUCP International Unitarian Church of Prague (an EUU member fellowship)

Book Cover of Minima Animalia 10 February 2024, the Wider Fellowship of Czech Religious Society of Unitarians held a half-day conference on the theme “Nature: Civilized, cultured, wild, and sacred.”

The event was organized to help celebrate the launch of the Czech translation of the book, Minima Animalia, written by German biologist and philosopher Andreas Weber. Dr. Weber was present to discuss how the book came about and provide broader context. Presentations were on the four characterizations of nature – namely civilized, cultured, wild, and sacred – were also presented by Unitarian clergy, local scholars, and a national parks official (whose watercolors of the nature in Šumova National Park were on display). The entire event was presented in Czech and English, and attendees came from assorted local Unitarian congregations, including the IUCP International Unitarian Church of Prague, as well as the general public.