Nominated EUU Officers for 2022

These are the nominees that will be voted on at the EUU General Meeting (on Zoom, Nov 21)

President: Karen Kyker

I’ve been coming to EUU retreats since 2005, soon after discovering UUFP in Paris, where I’ve lived since 1998. I’ve been active in the leadership at UUFP, particularly on the worship committee (a great joy), plus I have been an RE teacher for years at retreats, and I’ve been a member of the EUU board for the past 2 years.

Though I did not ‘grow up’ within the UU tradition, I feel that I have been developing all my life toward this – our shared religious tradition – and I deeply appreciate the rich and varied opportunities for continued personal learning & development (social, intellectual & spiritual) that we continually find and create together.

In addition to learning, learning, learning (and teaching), I also love preparing & eating good food, cycling, reading for long stretches in silence, and stretching my legs in natural places, especially near water.

Vice-President: Roland Siebeke

I have been a member of CLF (Church of the Larger Fellowship) since 2002 and of EUU since 2003. As a German national, I had not heard of Unitarian Universalists and their unique approach before; I learned about the UUA by sheer coincidence while working in Africa. The non-dogmatic UU approach, which stresses ethics and method rather than creed, was the only acceptable religious approach for me personally. This does not prevent me from respecting other religions, including Islam (the prevalent religion in most African countries I worked in).

The UU approach, which permits adhesion without requiring to leave one’s original religion, offers, I think, an enormous potential mitigating religious cleavages within multi-religion countries.

I am 72, married and live in Osnabrück (North Germany) where my wife comes from, and I have a daughter and two sons as well as two grand-children.

Unfortunately, my long-term assignments in Africa with the United Nations and GIZ (German International Cooperation) prevented me from attending quite a few EUU retreats. In the foreseeable future, I intend to limit myself to occasional short-term consultancy stints.

Secretary: Bonnie Friedmann

I have served as EUU Secretary since late 2017 and am happy to continue in this role with the incoming officers.

I am currently At Large and was also one of the founding members of UU Rhein-Main (formerly the Wiesbaden Fellowship). I have been an active member since 2014 and am currently also involved in the new Social Action Committee. During my tenure as secretary, I’ve helped develop protocols for record keeping, and I’m looking forward to continuing that work with the other officers.

EUU, the officers and the CC (Coordinating Council) exist to support and serve our fellowships, and we both need and appreciate your input and support!

Treasurer: Jutta Hamm-Ullmann

My name is Jutta Hamm-Ullmann, and I am 51 years old. Since April 2018 I have been married to my wife Maike Ullmann, and I have two grown up girls, Judith and Lydia. My hometown is Osnabrück, and right now I live in Hamburg (Germany). Just this year I started a new job as a social worker in a home for the elderly. Before that I was a freelance theologian (weddings and funerals) for ten years after being a professional lay minister in the Roman Catholic church for seven years.

For my studies in theology, I went to Berkeley (California) in 1997/1998. That‘s where I first learned about Unitarian Universalism. Thankfully, in addition to my studies at the Franciscan School for Theology, I was able to take some classes at the UU Starr King School for the ministry, with the late professor Ibrahim Farajaje (1952-2016), a wonderful human being and a great teacher.

When I searched for a liberal religious community in Europe, I came across a Unifier on the internet and learned about EUU. My first retreat was in Oberwesel in Fall 2013 – and I really love retreats. Far up in Northern Germany where I live, we don’t have fellowships, so I’m an At Large member of EUU. In 2020 I took over the treasurer post from Michael Zink, and I’m happy to continue doing this work.