President’s Letter May 2024

EUU President Karen Kyker

Dear fellow EUU Members and Friends,

We are so blessed to have the light of spring, the greening of our gardens, and each other! I hope that you will nonetheless take some time out from the great outdoors to reconnect with EUU: read about our recent Spring Retreat in Saarbrücken, about a very invigorating recent CC meeting where 21 participants discussed “Sustaining our Community” at length (and you are invited to the next such meeting in early fall). Remember to also check out those smaller articles and events of EUU – from the online Book Group to our current Pledge Drive. And perhaps consider contacting me about your eager desire to get involved in planning a retreat – retreats won’t happen by themselves, and perhaps it is you who we have been waiting for?

In warm and grateful fellowship,
Karen Kyker, EUU President