President’s Letter Oct 2023

EUU President Karen Kyker

Autumn is upon us. Here are warm hopes that the growing darkness at the ends of the day bring you some moments of calm and repose, and that the cooler temperatures feel like an invitation to get cozy with a favorite sweater or blanket or friend. May the angle of the sun’s rays be a novel change, and the colors of your local trees and gardens inspire happy thoughts.

And may we all find solace, and give solace, in one another in these very difficult and challenging times of war and hurt and surrounding world chaos. Our EUU community is one of the places that some of us turn to in such difficult times. Please join me in helping to create and maintain the kind of loving space here (and elsewhere) that is so desperately needed by all of us.

Our recent EUU Town Hall meeting on Monday, October 9, was just such a place of respectful and thoughtful exchange and listening, as we discussed how to ensure we maintain just such a Safe Community for all, and how to keep creating Retreats that are accessible to many, and more, people. Please read through the summary of the recent EUU Town Hall Discussions on those two topics if you weren’t present yourself; it was a very rich conversation!

And looking forward, I hope that we will see you at our EUU Annual General Assembly to be held online on Sunday, November 12, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm (business beginning at 2:30). The main items of business will include 1) the Treasurer’s report of the current year (2023), and discussion and approval of our 2024 budget; 2) annual election of officers; and 3) presentation and voting on proposals related to Retreat Grants and Safe Community. An agenda and a link to connect online  will be sent out in early November for this Annual General Meeting of the EUU. Your attendance and contributions to our collective decision-making about our future is very much encouraged. Our strength depends on the participation, contributions, and various forms of support that all of us bring to EUU.

May we all find – and help to create – peace in our world.

In fellowship,

Karen Kyker