Presidents’s Column — New, New, New…..

EUU President Karen Kyker

Dear fellow EUU Members and Friends,

What’s new? So many things! New EUU Members, New Views on Pledging, New Retreats, New Leadership…

With this Unifier edition, we are hereby launching our new EUU Pledge Form to record and inspire non-financial giving to EUU, without which EUU cannot continue to provide the rich retreats and support for U/Us in Europe (and for the new people who will join us in the future, though we haven’t met them yet). Please read more in the Pledge Drive article further on, and please use the not—so—new but very convenient EUU Payment link for financial contributions to EUU.

New faces in EUU Leadership shall appear in the fall. Maybe one of those is yours? We’ll leave the details a bit of a mystery for now 🙂. Renewal is essential for any living thing, and as a dynamic religious & spiritual community, EUU must welcome the change and growth that accompanies continued existence. Our community has many leaders — not just its four officers — and there is always a place for someone who has new perspectives and ideas.

At our April 2024 Retreat, we welcomed new EUU Members Jacob, Cappy and Debra from the Rhein Main region, and Lili from Paris. It is a pleasure to have “old” friends become “new” members, and to anticipate getting to know newer arrivals. Even though membership is not required for attending an EUU retreat, we appreciate the additional camaraderie, energy & support that Membership brings to our whole community. And we look forward to the potential new members who will join us in our future.

New retreats are being planned, of course! Our Fall 2024 Retreat in Cologne, Germany (Nov. 1-3) is coming up, with retreat registration opening imminently. Watch out for an invitation to sign up before the end of this month. And we have confirmed our theme speaker for the Spring 2024 Retreat in Oberwesel, Germany (April 11-13). Perhaps you will be a new pair of hands and a smile on one of those retreat teams? Or maybe you will help create a new retreat team for an as-yet unplanned retreat, so that EUU retreats will keep happening?

Please contact me at if you would like to be energized by participating in some of the “new” within EUU!

In warm and grateful fellowship,

Karen Kyker, EUU President