Remarks on the Changing ICUU given at the EUU Town Hall Meeting, November 21st, 2020

By John Eichrodt

I just learned with shock of the proposed demise of the ICUU, which apparently has been accepted together with a mandate to work out a new form.

It is my greatest hope that the new ICUU will continue to be our UU Lighthouse for UUs around the world. And that in addition. it will go a step further and offer a UU spiritual home and at-large membership for isolated UUs and individual UUs who wish to be part of the International UU community.

ICUU began with Unitarianism itself. It has been in our DNA from the beginning. A first attempt was made in 1900 which eventually evolved into the IARF because of our diversity. Our U.S journal is significantly called The World. One of our main principles calls for us to affirm and promote the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

In 1990, at the IARF conference, David Usher called for the creation of the ICUU that would bring UUs around the world together. He made that call in room where UUs had gathered to hear him. The room was packed. I was in that room. And today, 30 years later, I still feel that once in a lifetime energy expressing such great hope that our faith would at last become a reality internationally. And it did, for the next 20 years to date. In large part, it was a success because it was led by so many leaders and activists who built it into the UU lighthouse it is today.

What they did went beyond expectations:

They held 4 international UU theological seminars at the international level. They brought UUs together from countries everywhere in retreats that were exemplary demonstrations of UU warmth, intelligence and spiritual practice. Our diversity was enriching and exciting. We accepted each other and found common faith and purpose.

The ICUU also led leadership training sessions, helped to strengthen developing UU communities, and mentored struggling UU ministers. In other words, it was magnificently present and active.

So, the dream and energy that made us feel as one in that meeting. in that packed room at the IARF in l990, finally came alive. the ICUU has become our Universal lighthouse.

My plea to us at EUU, to our members at large, to our congregations and to UUs everywhere is to keep that light shining for UU around the world. Please, please, ‘’let our light shine.’’